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Web Design and Development Kenya

Show us a company without a website and we'll show you a business out of touch with reality.

Our web design suite includes very intuitive and appealing solutions that are specially developed to give a real boost to your life and business and to deliver real return on investment and create life long value.

Some products include:

  • Web sites
  • Online directories
  • Online forums
  • Messaging platforms e.g. chat rooms, free Email, Web Logs or Blogs
  • Portals and Vortals
  • Auctions Sites
  • Advertisement sites

Web design. PHP Mysql web developmentDesign & Development

A well-designed web site not only attracts more customers but also strengthens your brand name. With our solid experience in designing quality web sites, Almond has helped many clients successfully establish their company image and presence on the internet.

Our services include consultancy in concept development, web design and development, application hosting, direct domain name registration and search engine optimization and internet marketing.

Our process seeks to capture and leverage the research findings and deliver exactly what the client requires.

We deploy a 9-pillar plan in web and application development but essentially, the process flows as follows:


Concept Development

Concept development is the process of defining the high-level description of a web site's content and features. The goal of concept development is to build the theory and ideas that drive a web site's themes and functions. At this stage, Almond works with our clients in planning the strategy of the web site.

Web Design

Almond incorporates innovative design, information architecture, usability and multimedia components in building web sites. We have graphic design expertise to make sure that the pages are laid out with effective use of text, white spaces, attractive images, animation, video and audio.

With our knowledge of information architecture and the rules of website usability, we ensure that the user experience is enjoyable and convenient so that visitors return.

Web Development

Nowadays, people desire more and more dynamic web sites and hence web site development becomes more and more complicated. To enhance the dynamic visual effects of a website, we develop multimedia components using Macromedia Flash. We also develop interactive functions such as user search boxes and message boards using advanced technologies such as Java applets, JavaScript, ASP, PHP and MySQL databases.

Once you've figured out what your domain name is going to be the next step is to figure out how to make it available on the internet. That means selecting a place to host your site, either at your in-house server or a hosting provider. However, it is not so easy. Managing a web site requires time and special skills. Sometimes it may even cost more than creating the web site. Hosting your site with Almond can greatly reduce your maintenance cost. We give you the power and reliability you need to focus on conquering the web.

Web Site Maintenance

Almond provides a number of web utilities and tools to help you manage and maintain your web site. These utilities help you keep track of the site's performance, keep track of the number of visitors and manage email accounts. There is also a web-based email utility that allows you to check your emails through a browser. In addition, our technical support team will help to submit your web sites to popular search engines to promote your business and perform the routine tasks such as daily backup.

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