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Corporate & Brand Domain Management

You have spent so much time and money building your brand portfolio. It is even more expensive to leave your brands unprotected.

Almond, a Kenic Accredited .KE Domain registrar, has the capacity to register and protect .ke domains for your brand and product portfolio.

Package includes an admin interface to administer all your domain accounts.

Contact us today to protect your brand portfolio.

About .KE Domains.

A domain name is a unique name that identifies an internet site. It helps you reference a web site without having to remember the IP address of that website or computer.

Domains are hierarchical in nature, with the various levels separated by a period (.). e.g.

Almond is the name of the website.

.co is a second level tier of the .KE name space.

.KE is the top level tier of the Kenyan domain name space.

Almond Communications is a Kenic Accredited .KE Domain registrar. We register and manage Kenyan domains for local and international clientelle.

Why .KE Domains?

.KE Domains have a great advantage over gtld domain names. Some salient reasons to register a .ke domain include:

  • A .KE Domain is the ideal domain for a company or organization that is registered and Kenya.
  • Protect your patents, international brands and products in the Kenyan name space.
  • Credibility: Your .KE Domain will give you a more credible rating in the eyes of your clients and correspondents.
  • Availability:Chances of getting your short and nice .com, .net or .org name are 1:70,000,000. But you have a 90% chance of getting your .ke (,,, Domain Name. Click here to search your .ke name.

KE Domain Extensions

The .KE top level name space is currently not available for registration. The following are the currently available .KE domain extensions:

  • .CO.KE: this is the ideal domain for commercial organizations or personal .ke names.
  • .OR.KE: This extension was flagged for non profit making organizations operating in Kenya.
  • .AC.KE: This extension serves academic institutions properly registered in Kenya.
  • .SC.KE: domain extension is reserved for schools registered in Kenya.
  • .NE.KE: This .ke extension was meant for ICT companies and network operators.
  • .GO.KE: domains are reserved for Kenyan government ministries and institutions.

.KE Domain Requirements

The main requirement for registering a KE domain is to register your domain through a Kenic Accredited registrar.

.AC.KE, .SC.KE and .GO.KE domains require documentation to register. and require letters of registration from the Kenyan ministry of education.

.GO.KE domains require a letter of authorization from the Treasury.

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