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Webcelerate your life!

Almond Communications is known for consistently providing high quality domain and web solutions in Kenya, with a good percentage of our sales coming from referrals by satisfied customers.

We are a licensed and renown.KE Domain registrar.

Renown International registrars and intellectual property firms trust us with registration and maintenance of and Kenyan domain names., domains, etc can be registered by individuals, local and international institutions.

We provide feature-rich cPanel web hosting solutions to various firms and organizations in Kenya. Our packages are bundled with hundreds of free apps such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and script installer for easy installs.

Businesses of all sizes and professionals in various sectors in Kenya and beyond are using the Internet in many different ways – to collaborate with partners and service providers, for procurement, knowledge sharing, as a sales channel, Research & Development and much more. Do not be left behind